Halloween Marshmallow Pops


I still rip things out of magazines at doctor's offices.  And I still nervously look around me as I'm doing it, half expecting a police officer to jump out from behind a plant and arrest me.  This habit is very old school, because I could easily take a photo of whatever it is with my iPhone or go home and Google the same magazine and find the article in its entirety online.  Alas, ripping it out makes me feel dangerous and 82 years old at the same time.  So, I recently found this article stuffed in my purse about Marshmallow Pops, which looked so fun and easy to recreate at home.  And they were!  Perfect after-school activity with Jack...  

I used lollipop sticks I had on hand, melted white chocolate for the ghosts and candy melts for the Frankensteins and pumpkins.  (I didn't have orange candy melts so I combined yellow and red, which sort of came out coral but go with it.)  Simply dunk your skewered marshmallows and then let cool on parchment paper.  Melt some chocolate chips and dunk the tips of your green marshmallows for Frankenstein hair.  Place the rest of the melted chocolate in a piping bag (or plastic baggie with the end snipped) and use to make spooky faces!  You could make mummies or Dracula's too, and use other candies for decorating.  The possibilities are endless when you rip articles out of magazines!       


Nichole said...

These are so cute, and look delish! And yes, I rip magazine pages out, too. Shh, don't tell ;)

tara said...

Cute! I thought they were the mini marshmallows at first and was like whaaaaaat??

Once I almost stole an entire magazine from the doctor's office because I really hated the doctor and I was annoyed I had to return to make him change my prescription. The secretary was watching me though.

Culinary Ginger said...

Someone looks they have a future in the kitchen :-)

Lauren Brewer said...

So cute! And seriously impressive motor skills. For your son, as well. Haha

Linda said...

I love this....takes me back...cute, fun, yummy, perfect!!!


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