Smoked Albacore Dip


I am in vacation mode.  Every August, we rent a house in the same town on the same road and I do the same things that I never do the rest of the year: I read, I ride a bike, I watch Showtime series, I paint rocks.  Yup, I really paint rocks and it's becoming an unhealthy obsession.  I also cook, and although that's nothing new, I try to cook light, beach-y meals.  Like this dip Carson and I attempted two years ago.  Only this time, we made it with Smoked Albacore (found at Gelson's) and instead of flaking the fish with a fork, we put it in a food processor.  It gave the dip such a lovely and professional quality.  In fact, we might set up a Lemonade Stand and sell our dip on the side.  Of course, you'll also be able to purchase my painted rocks for only $500 a pop.  What, they're really special.  


Maara said...

...where is a picture of the rocks? :(

Siri said...

Oh that's coming, Maara.

tara said...

This looks so good! And yes please rock picture is mandatory!

Lindsay said...

The rocks and the tuna are great. Really they are. But with all due respect, I need some cronuts in my life.

sarah said...

well wish I had seen this last week on my beach house vacation, it looks like the perfect thing for cocktail hour, well at our house it was more like anytime after breakfast! Will have to try before summer is over back east

frizz said...

Sounds like the perfect vacation. Another way to pass the time is Korean soap operas.

Boys Before Flowers.

You think I kid, but seriously, it's perfect for a long vacation.

p.s. Love your writing; your style really comes through.

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