Salted Caramel "Cronut"


I never cheated in school.  I didn't steal.  I always make sure the cashier at the market scans the items some people forget at the bottom of the cart (almost always - one time I accidentally walked out with a 6 pack of Guinness and I didn't go back I'M SORRY UNIVERSE!).  But, sometimes I cheat when it comes to baking.  Because I have two kids under five, and because my days spent entirely devoted to baking are behind me, and because when you find ridiculously easy recipes you should try them.  Like Pillsbury's version of a Cronut - the half croissant half donut craze that originated in NYC and has taken over the country.  I'm not a huge donut fan, but I LOVE croissants.  Has anyone tried them?  I didn't get a chance when I was back East, but Carson has tried them so I asked him to be the judge of this Pillsbury recipe.  He said they were close.  Still lacking a little of that cakey donut flavor, but close, and delicious.  You should try them, I don't think you'll be sorry that you cheated.  Recipe here.  


frizz said...

Did you like them? It looks like a lot of sugar. And I looooooooove sugar! (Why am I drooling right now?)

Lindsay said...

Thank you! They look wonderful!

tara said...

I'm a horrible person and sometimes like to steal Chapstick. There, I said it. So basically uhhh I'm fine with the Pillsbury. These look awesome and I'm not a doughnut fan either. So...cronuts for the win!


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