The House of Flu


Yup, both of my kids caught a stomach bug.  At least one got better before the other got sick, thank you tiny miracles.  One thing you can count on when kids get the stomach flu is a lot of sleep (for them, not you).  So while they're busy napping the day away, I decided to make no-knead Manchego Bread.  It needs to rise for 12-18 hours, so more on that tomorrow... later gators!    


tara said...

Hope your littles feel better soon! Manchego bread sounds delicious, can't wait for the recipe.

Linda Bick said...

Can't wait to see the finished bread.... I hope that the little kiddles feel better soon...and that you don't get it next!

Jenna E said...

aw, hope your babes get better soon and you don't catch it!!

The Rodriguez Crew said...

Do you know about the Welch's grape juice theory?? How if someone in your house (or rumor has it someone at preschool has the bug), each person takes a shot (google the right amount!) of juice a day, and it wards off the stomach bug?? I'm going to try it next time, bc I too have the tag team 2 kiddo household, and I live in fear the whole time of who is next!!!

Anonymous said...

Hope all is better in your world tomorrow.


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