Margarita Cupcakes


Cinco de Mayo is still a month away, but I say any day works as an occasion for Margarita Cupcakes.  You know those moments when you're like, man, I wish I could have tequila at 1pm?  Well, go for it.  In the form of a cupcake.  No one will judge!  They might judge a little.  But who needs those people!! I like to surround myself with those who will gladly eat a cupcake baked with tequila, soaked with tequila and topped with tequila frosting.  Ole!  These were wonderful - not overly sweet, fresh lime juice and zest, moist and delicious.  I used a regular old freezer bag with a 1/2-inch piping tip for the frosting and sprinkled lime zest and a pinch of salt on top.  Recipe here.  Ole!    


Diane said...

these sound (and look) FANTASTIC!!! i need to try them!!!

Linda said...

These look amazing, love the pictures!! I read about Chi Spacca this morning in the Saturday L. A. Times, and thought of you, have you guys been there?

tara said...

Damn you and your perfect Pinterest worthy cupcakes! Your food always looks delicious, but your cupcakes should be in a coffee table book to be drooled over.

Ashanti said...

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sparklehappy said...

these look amazing!!!!!! what kind of frosting tip did you use?? yum! I need to try these soon!


Siri said...

Jaci - frosting recipe was a part of the cupcake recipe, I just used that!


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