English Muffin Pizzas


I know I always talk about the english muffins at M Street Kitchen but GAH!, I wish I could send one to each of you so you knew why I said things like GAH! when referring to them.  Last night, in an effort to do more with our farmer's market vegetables, I made mini pizzas with the muffins.  They were ridiculously perfect.  Of course, you can use any english muffin for this, but if you're able to purchase some from a bakery DO IT.  They're usually larger than the supermarket kind and made with more butter, which results in a crispier pizza crust.  Jack had a regular old cheese pizza (with a can of crushed tomatoes as the sauce) but our adult version included sautéed red chard (olive oil, salt, pepper)...

...and roasted garlic (Power Ranger hands not included).  

For the adult versions, instead of the shredded mozzarella I used for Jack's pizzas, I used these mozzarella pearls.  I love having these on hand for salads or school lunches...

450 degree oven for 15-20 minutes.  They were PERFECT.  And a fun way to shake up dinner, because I say things like that because I write a food blog.    


Anonymous said...

Those look awesome~~
I just made a pot of "Chick-fil-a" tortilla soup! & it made me think of your blog.
So I came to make the suggestion, but now I have to make english muffin pizzas to go with my soup!

Strickilotti said...

Yummy, what I great idea!!!!

kellyt said...

I make these for my kids all the time and I have NEVER seen an English muffin pizza look that good. Must. try!!

Jennifer said...

I have been making these for years, and my mom made them for us as kids. So easy and versatile... Kids live them. I also made these for my daughters halloween party at school and made them like mummies with string cheese, black olives, and green pepper. Was a huge hit!

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