I'm blogging from my cellular device, therefore please forgive my silly iPhone (talking to you Siri) for any random auto correction.  I wanted to quickly thank you for watching THE TODAY SHOW THIS MORNING!?  Did that actually just happen?  Here are some things I learned...

1. Hair/make-up stylists are magical people.  My baby woke up eleventy times last night, and you can barely see my raccoon eye rings.

2. Food stylists are also magical.  I want that job in my next life.

3. Did I welcome Al to his own talk show?

4. Everyone there is lovely - beyond nice and helpful and I didn't want to leave.

5. That's sort of a lie, I could use a nap.

6. I love you people. 

(7. Sweater from J Crew)

8. Wow...


agalandherdog said...

AHH! So cool! You did a great job and I was so excited to see pics of the kids. Great job (on the kids and the appearance)!

Also, I need that sweater.

SammaMichelle said...

First of all I'm a new subscriber because I saw you today and second you and Carson are too cute! You seem like great down to earth people and I love forward to reading your blog and second, my husband AND his office love when they know I'm blogging because they get fed! Haha. You did great and I hope you get a nap :-)

Morgan Liti said...

YAY! I heard Carson talking about it on the radio this morning on my way into work and was so excited for you! I didn't get to watch, but I'll have to google for it later. Congrats!

tara said...

Hooray!! You were so amazing! Oh my god I would have been sweating bullets and you are so Ms. Cool Under Pressure! You should be on TV more often.

Your cake was so cool!! Ombre? Damn, you are Ms. Pinterest!

Looooove the sweater!!

p.s. your kids are GORGEOUS!

Jordana F. said...

Siri! You looked like JCrew barfed you out. So cute! Where is the necklace from?

Also- what is your fave frosting recipe? I am thinking about a yellow Ombre batman cake for Hayden now....maybe fondant and all!

You guys did a great job! Your hands were rock steady. :-)

SuchSmallSteps said...

you were terrific! Congratulations :)

J Reedy (Ferber) said...

Yay! Wonderful job today! (So glad a little birdie gave a head's up on FB.) Love the candy melts idea- my boys want to give it a whirl!

Still cheering for you from the sidelines...your old tennis coach :)

Victoria said...

Hi Siri! I have been reading your blog for over a year now and today I was so excited to see you on the Today show! You were awesome and so stylish! You and your husband are too cute!! Congrats!

Randi Marie said...

Hey there!
I'm new to your blog, however I've know about you for awhile now (just didn't know you blogged). Jessica Allers is a dear friend from college and she posted your blog on facebook.
I live in Alaska and recorded all 80 hours of the Today Show to watch you today. Nice work! I love all your helpful and easy tips! I am also a mother of 2 toddlers. I love anything that makes it look like I spent 6 hours in the kitchen!!
Keep up the good work and I look forward to more blog posts!
-Randi Broyles

Eleanor ~ Ballyhoo & Bedbugs said...

And you look gorgeous btw!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Siri -

I am barely even a NOVICE in the kitchen, but I've been reading your blog AND just saw you on The Today Show and I want to let you know that your low-pressure (aka anti-pretentious), easy to follow recipes have inspired me to start baking. When I saw you on the television, your humble demeanor further solidified my confidence in myself. I LOVE the ombre cake, and plan on making one for Easter.
Thank you for adding to the small community of young, stylish, personable ladies who take the fear out of baking.

PS - LOOOVED your nail polish color on the show -- what was it?

Zoë said...

I just watched - great job! Congrats on your TV appearance ;)

TinaOriginalBabyA said...

I hope you do more segments on the Today Show! What color was your nail polish? :)


Celeste said...

Great job on the show! I'm so excited to have found an awesome down to earth food blog to get ideas from. U an Carson are so cute:)

Taylor B. said...

I saw you on tv! Loved your sweater and you did a fabulous job.

Anonymous said...

question is, why arent you married???
Not so sure about the sweater from Jcrew...sorry :(
but you are adorable xo

Anonymous said...

I just watched your segment on Today! Awesome job and as usual.... Always inspiring:). Thanks for your amazingness
-crystal k (all the way up in Canada)

Siri said...

Thanks for the nice comments everyone! The necklace was actually part of the sweater, so it's not a necklace I guess. And the nails were gels, a coral color - don't have the name : )

Anonymous said...

just now got around to watching- loved it! i have made excessive amounts of your baked recipes, and my family thinks i am some kind of a rock star, so thanks for helping me create that illusion! keep the recipes coming!! :)

Andrea the Kitchen Witch said...

Yay you were amazing!!! How exciting :)

Silvia G said...

I recorded it up here in Canada and watched it this weekend. You did swell kiddo! :)

onward and upwards!!!!

BFF's forever?

Katie said...

Reading your blog is one of the highlights of my day. You are such a witty writer and I love testing out the fun (and easy) recipes you share with us. Forget food network - this is my favorite spot to come and get ideas. Congrats on your success! Wishing you all the best.


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