Sunday Snacks


What are your Super Bowl Sunday plans?  We're going to be out of town, but that won't stop me from hitting up a local grocery store for snack food.  Still not sure what to make this year.  Any ideas?  If you're also looking for ideas, here are some of mine... happy football + eating weekend!   

If you haven't made Lucy's Ham Sandwiches yet, you're missing out on a tremendous thing.  

Homemade Chex Mix is easy, fun and kids (talking about myself) love it. 

And these... I mean, I mean (Homemade Snickers)

Also, just because, weaved bacon.  

That is just the most beautiful sight.  And here are my ideas from last year.  
Go SF!  


Brhea {noplacelykehome.com} said...

Omg yum! The bacon weave is kind of genius if you ask me. Might need to try the ham sandwiches, my husband would love them for the "Beyonce Bowl" ;)

agalandherdog said...

Ever since you first posted Lucy's sandwiches, my family has made them for every baby and bridal shower -- and sometimes just because. Sooooo good! We're doing muffalettas this year as a nod to the game being in New Orleans.

Eva said...

My mom is soooo famous. :)

Linda said...

Love Lucy's Ham Sandwich mmmmm..... The others look yummy too !!!

Anonymous said...

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