Fudgy Chocolate Yogurt Brownies


Today I had my first Parent/Teacher Conference.  I'm new to this, but the correct protocol is to show up with brownies, right?  To bribe them to say nice things about your kid?  Cool, then I either did this right or embarrassed myself tremendously by acting like Reese Witherspoon in Election.  Listen, people always ask me, what do you do with all of those baked goods, Siri??  And this is the answer.  I give them away, all of the time.  I find any reason to bake.  Teacher conference, cable guy coming, mailman's birthday.  (JK I don't know my mailman's birthday LOL.)  (Totally going to ask him.)

On this particular morning I was inspired by an entire tub of vanilla yogurt I bought and haven't touched.  I hate for things to go bad, so I googled "vanilla yogurt bake" and I found this recipe for Fudgy Chocolate Yogurt Brownies.  I had never heard of adding flavored yogurt to a baked good and I was intrigued.  The result?  A brownie that needs a serious glass of milk and one that I CANNOT stop eating.  So moist, so chocolaty, a slight tang from the yogurt - they are absurdly good.

p.s. If you're an iPhone user, I recently jumped on the bandwagon and joined Vine.  It's a video site, and I'm going to use it strictly for food.  Follow me on this culinary journey, why don't you.
(Search for "Siri Pinter" because that's my name.)      


Cait said...

I think I just died and went to brownie heaven! rawr!

Linda said...

I have an amazing brownie recipe that I was thinking of making for valentines day..might have to change my mind and use some of my homemade vanilla yogurt and make these!!!

Joan Killeen said...

I made these yesterday. Think they're very good. Just used natural yoghurt and a vanilla pod. Didn't add the liquid vanilla. The mixture seemed very wet so I did panic a little and add a spoon or two of extra flour before baking. But they came out great.


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