Chocolate Raspberry Pie Pops


I am not a Pinterest-er, but occasionally I'll come across something in my Internet perusing that I just can't resist.  Like Pie Pops, I mean, come on.  Pie Pops!!  What an adorable idea, Internet, damn you.  For any occasion, really, but I found these heart ones especially sweet for Valentine's Day.  Adorable, sweet... looking at me being all romantical.  Here is the recipe... I went with seedless raspberry jam and a few chocolate chips for my filling.    

Jack had a blast helping...

Um, please remember to poke a few holes in each pie pop or else...

...this will happen.  "Broken Hearts" as Carson aptly named them.  So sad : (


tara said...

Aww those broken hearts are so sad!

The non broken ones are gorgeous! What a fun idea. Damn you internets indeed!

tara said...

Oh and also? Not a Pinterest-er?!?!?

Zoë said...

These are so sweet! I'll definitely have to try them.

Sarah Michelle said...

If i have seen this recipe yesterday, it definitely makes today. It is made ​​for the day of love.But now on Sunday, it will surely make.
Thanks. !


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