Chicken and Seafood Paella


My friends recently took a cooking class at Leti's Catering in NYC.  They raved and raved about it (if you live in NY, check it out), and then they made us homemade Gazpacho and Paella as they learned to make them in class.  Both were delicious, so naturally I stole the recipes from them and planned to make them myself.  What I needed, however, was a giant paella pan and then voila!  Carson bought me one for my birthday.  (I'm really sorry I said "voila" like that.)  Carson sure knows the way to this lady's heart.  Any sort of giant or miniature kitchen equipment??  Swoon.  

Anyway, I tackled the paella this past weekend for some friends.  I was nervous.  Like, "don't look at me while I cook dinner guests I mean just kidding help me HELP" nervous.  But it worked!  I did it!  It was delicious!  I made a combo of seafood (with shrimp, calamari and clams) and chicken (which I cooked earlier and added at the end).  Now, I feel guilty posting the recipe because Leti charges money for her classes in which you get to take the recipe home (also I lost it), but if you're interested in making paella yourself, and you have a pan the size of small UFO, email me and we'll discuss.  

(all photos by Chasing You Photo)      


Linda said...

I'll be calling to discuss... Roger & I love paella !!!

Zoë said...

I have been meaning to tackle paella one of these days, and you may have inspired me! Looks amazing.

Jake Johnson said...

I am looking for some good seafood equipment. Do you know where I can find some.


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