Meyer Lemonade


Well folks, I did it, I made it one full week of posting something everyday.  I get a cookie, right?  As my reward??  Or maybe this little brownie I found in my pantry for breakfast?  Ok good.  My daughter is now 4 months old and this is the first time since her birth that I managed to post everyday!  I am proud, and I am in real life eating a brownie as I type this.  A reader - a fellow mother of two - asked me yesterday how I find time and/or energy to cook or bake and the answer is I don't, most of the time.  But lately, I tend to wake up when Carson leaves the house for his radio show, at 5:30am, and while the house is quiet (if you have kids - I HIGHLY recommend waking up before them if possible - at least once a week), I can do crazy things like make muffins or drink coffee and watch THE NEWS or peruse J Crew online.  Or, make a batch of fresh lemonade with those lemons growing out of my eyeballs.  I saw this lemonade on A Cup of Jo over the summer and have been meaning to try it out since - the addition of honey to the simple syrup sounded so appealing (and it is).  So what that it's winter - vodka and lemonade is not a seasonal drink, if you ask me.    


Linda said...

I think I'll make a batch too...sounds yummy with the honey !! I also plan to make a batch of Meyer Lemon Marmalade !
Happy Friday...

Lisa M. said...

Fresh Lemonade and Vodka is the best especially with some club soda in it - but you want to know whats even a step better! Fresh Strawberry Lemonade and Vodka - mind blowing.
I always use this old Emeril recipe I found years ago.
I am now motivated to grow a lemon tree - can I do that in NJ??? ha ha

tara said...

Nice work posting everyday for a week! It would be so hard with 2 kids, I can't even imagine.

I LOVE fresh lemonade. Mmm. Definitely not a seasonal drink :)

ClutteredMama said...

I have been wondering how you do it too! My issue is that 19 month old STILL isn't sleeping through the night--I would've scoffed at me when my biggen was that age and would've been like "you need to be really firm" now I just think second babies come along just to make us less smug about how amazing we are as parents, but I digress--and ends up in bed with us. 9 times out of 10 he wakes up, pissed, if I try to sneak out of the bed early. (insert beleagered sigh here).
ANYWAY, Kudos to you for all your posts this week! Good on ya! I love you blog, and I have a bumper crop of lemons, so this lemonade is just the ticket! (and will be linking to it from my blog, because I was going to be pondering how to use my crapload of lemons...)

Vapid Vixen said...

You had me at "vodka and lemonade is not a seasonal drink".


Miss Meat and Potatoes said...

Congrats on your posting streak! I am on a citrus kick at the moment and totally agree - seasonal peasonal.

SarahBearisaStar said...

This looks fantastic!

Verna said...

This is cool!


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