Rich Chocolate Ice Cream


What do you do when it's 90 degrees outside, even at the beach, and you're 9 months pregnant?  You take lots of sweaty naps.  You drink lots of water.  You pee.  You paint rocks.  

You make chocolate ice cream.  

You eat chocolate ice cream.  Lots of it.  Until your sweat starts to resemble chocolate ice cream, at least in your pregnancy-induced dreams.  This is a weird post.  

I used this recipe because it doesn't require an ice cream maker AND it's called "the best you'll ever have" and people, ONLY make this if you are an intense lover of chocolate.  I mean it, this is RICH chocolate ice cream.  Almost the consistency of a frozen ganache.  I, of course, love it but can only eat it in small doses.  Me!  And I'm that whale that all the other whales in the school of whales make fun of because she eats so much.  Yeah.    


Linda said...


Jackie said...

That looks divine....I may have to give up my self-imposed ban of ice cream making since it doesn't require a fancy machine! Also, it's nice to know there is someone with as big a sweet tooth as me out there. People think I'm cah-razy for how much sweetness I can handle. If it makes you feel better (it did me), there was a study showing a correlation between sweet people and having a sweet tooth....people who loves sweet are generally nicer and sweeter people! :)


Siri said...

Love that, Jackie : )

Jess said...



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