Why Hello There.


So sorry I've been absent all week.  Traveling + Broken Computer = UnHappy Blogger.  Does anyone know what it means when 'RESTORE WINDOWS' keeps flashing over your Mac screen, prohibiting you from clicking on anything??  Genius Bar, here I come.  Anyway, I hope to be back later on this afternoon if not first thing tomorrow.  I miss yous.

For now, above is a Mother's Day treat of chocolate covered strawberries, mini cupcakes and exotic fruit.  MMM.  And below is my new favorite color.  Orange.  All sorts of orange.  



Elizabeth said...

Love the presentation!! Also, that orange color is fabulous. What brand is the nail polish?

Vee said...

love your nail polish and good luck at the genius bar!

Linda said...

Glad to see you back, sorry about your computer problems, love the nail color!! p.s. would you like a tomato plant..I have so many....they are growing out my ears!!

the actor's diet said...

i had some crazy mac problems recently…it is no fun being without your computer when you blog 2x a day!

Anonymous said...

I also need to know what brand/color of orange you are wearing!

Siri said...

You guys it's Essie but I don't know the name! It's not on the bottle for some reason : (


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