The Hungry Cat Burger


Last night we went out for dinner after the Voice taping to one of our favorite spots, The Hungry Cat.  It was late.  Not late by "couples sans children in New York" standards, but late by our "we had our kid and are all usually asleep by 9pm" standards.  Since it was so close to bedtime, you'd think I would have chosen something nice and light to send me off to dreamland.  No.  That's not what happened.  I ordered the burger with cheese, canadian bacon and a fried egg on top.

Hey, chicken, cow and pig - come get in my belly!

Let's just say, the burger was fantastic.  Let's also say, that I felt like a carnivorous monster and a night of disturbing dreams ensued.  

(image here)


Gretchen said...

Gotta say, that looks GOOD...I want some of those fries right now!

The Fallons said...

Yum! We have a Hungry Cat here in Santa Barbara too. The Pug Burger is one of my favs. Not to mention the cocktails they have....

Mary B. said...

So we are sort of in a fight that you didn't tell me about this place for my LA trip last week. BUT we did manage to get a burger fix at Umami (thank you Ingrid) - the truffle burger? Ri-diculous.


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