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I made dinner once this week.  ONCE.  What is happening to me?!
But I spent plenty of time perusing the web, and here are some of my favorite links...

A mini birthday cake made in a tin can!  How perfect is this for a one-on-one celebration?  Also in the same post, birthday cake marshmallows.  Must, try.  

  I want to make these ice cream sandwiches.  I'll need this first, who knew it came in attachment form?! 

In LA, with Sushi Nozawa closing its doors, thank GOD Sugar Fish is still around.  We went this week with Jack who ate edamame, sticky white rice and blue crab : )

Has anyone ever tried to make homemade tortillas?  Do they come out looking this amazing?  I want to smother them with avocado and eat them plain...

Yes, you should do this.  

How cute would parchment-wrapped baked goods look with this finishing touch?

How cool is this cake floating on a bed of M&M's?

For Jack's birthday I want to have jars of vintage candy in the colors red, blue, yellow and black - what are your favorite old timey candies?  


Samantha Ball said...

Lemon heads! Original Gummy Bears, I love those squishy faces! Swedish fish, I don't like them, but lots of people do. Hmmm, not sure what else. Can't wait to see pics of Jack's party. Home Goods has awesome funky clear jars for putting the candies in if you're looking for those. XO

Emily R. said...

Smarties! But those aren't in your colors. I always love a good Red Vine/Twizzler type product. Lemon Heads are also delicious.

Linda said...

ooh I need one of those attachment things also !!!!!!!!! Gummy bears, peach gummies, non pariels, swedish fish, red licorice too...its all good !!!


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