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The 10-day celebration that was my son's 3rd birthday is finally over.  On Saturday, we hosted what was probably our first real birthday party, catered mostly to kids unlike his 1st and 2nd birthdays.  But who am I kidding, there was plenty of adult food, adult beverages and I even accidentally put a song on his playlist that featured the F bomb more than once.  Mom of the Year.  
We chose Transformer related colors of red, blue, yellow and black, and I tried to keep that consistent with the flowers, balloons, sweets and details - many of which were purchased at Etsy.  Here are some photos and links, if you care to see and you better...  

I found the banner at this lovely shop.  She will also customize it to include a name.  I bought plain goodie bags at Party City and stuck these decals on each to make them festive.  Yes, we had a fire, because the high was still only 60 degrees and yes, I know you live in the Midwest and it was warmer there.    

Straws for the bar in my Redneck Wine Glasses.  

A candy station, because what's a child's party without the mothers hating you for sending their kids home all jacked up on sugar?  Swedish Fish and Red Vines, Lemon Jelly Beans, Black Rock Candy and Blue M&M's, customized with Jack's face on them.  The goodie bags came from this darling shop, which I kept ordering more from as the guest list grew.    

A sweets table.  Because candy is not enough.  

I used a Martha recipe for the Whoopie Pies.  They were tasty, but did not come out looking like all the pictures of Whoopie Pies I see on the Internet.  WTF?  Why can't I be perfect like all of you??      

I used this recipe for the frosting, because I can't say no to marshmallow fluff.

Regular old blue jello served in shot glasses.  It never occurred to me to put vodka in half of them, but a few guests took it upon themselves to get creative with that.  

After making a Transformer Cake for his actual birthday, I was spent.  I can't do it all, people, I can't!  But Sweet Lady Jane can... 

Seven layers of yellow butter cake with French chocolate buttercream, I die.  I also still have a massive brick of leftovers in my kitchen if anyone wants to come over...

As I mentioned earlier, there was adult food.  A LOT, OF, ADULT, FOOD.  
No seriously, a lot.  If you're from the LA area, than you know how amazing Roscoe'sBay Cities and Lemonade are.  So we decided on a spread of fried chicken with smothered potatoes and greens, a variety of Italian party subs with a make-your-own meatball sub station, and assorted fresh, seasonal salads.  The kids ate mac & cheese, dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets, pigs in a blanket and fruit.  I swear they ate fruit.   

By the by, have you ever seen a vat so big of mac & cheese?  5 boxes of the good old Kraft kind.  

And finally, a little favor dropped in each goodie bag - with the wrong date because we postponed the party - purchased here.  Check out the shop for all sorts of chocolate lollipops.  

Success!  Jack is already planning his 4th, p.s.  He has no idea what "a year away" means yet. 


Anonymous said...

As a 36 year old man, I shouldn't really be jealous of a 3 year old... but I am. Nice work...

Gretchen said...

Send me some cake! And a couple of those whoopie pies :)

Frank said...

WOW, Siri - Great Job and Great Mom!

It is probably a good thing that I live a bit too far away to take you up on the cake offer. I've been sharing all of this recent birthday stuff as a hint for my wife, but my birthday passed with no such sugarfest. :-(

Happy Birthday to Jackson!

Can't imagine how you will outdo this next year. :-)

Kevin and Erin McLaughlin said...

Kevin is frowning. Which means I am jumping up and down over the fabulousness of this party!!!! Love!

Juliet {the juliet notes} said...

Siriously impressive (I know, I couldn't help myself) every detail of that party looks amazing!!! I'm going to have to enlist your help when I start throwing kid birthday parties myself one day :) And looking at that cake with all it's glorious layers is absolute torture. I will be craving cake all day long now.

Heidi said...

what a fabulous party!!

ClutteredMama said...

What an awesome party! I now have even grander aspirations for my Little Man's cowboy themed 4th bday party.

May I say, in what I hope is a totally non- "wow she's an internet-creeper" way, that I have a blogcrush on you. LOVE your blog. LOVE IT! You're wickedly funny and make me want to cook stuff. I don't, but you still make me WANT to, and that is what is important, right?

Siri said...

Thanks everyone! And thanks Cluttered Mama, keep up the WANTING to cook! xo

agalandherdog said...

You are amazing! Everything looked perfect and I'm drooling over those desserts right now.

brandis said...

Way to go on making a licensed super hero party look classy (and still fun)! No small feat.. with two boys I see many such party challenges ahead for me. Glad Haydee lead me to your delicious looking blog!

Negativeangel said...

do you cater to 31 year olds? also are you free? .. worth a shot.
Looks pretty rad Siri.


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