Garlic, Oregano and Orange Vinaigrette


I almost always try out a recipe from Bon Appetit the day it arrives in the mail.  Everything sounds so original and exciting, which effectively breaks up the mundaneness that can become dinner.  Last night I tried out this recipe but made it my own by substituting orange for lemon and anchovy paste for anchovies (1/2 tsp).  It was awesome.  Aggressive and bright.  Did you just hear me?  Aggressive and bright, I said, about food.  I'm going to apply for one of those food writing jobs.  The ones that pay.    

Instead of just spooning it on regular old lettuce, I decided to toss it with some carrots and then roast them.  

I saved a little of the dressing to spoon over some sliced avocado.  

Served the warm carrots on top, another spoonful of the dressing and some flaked sea salt.  


Robert Sobczak said...

Amazing how much better carrots are cooked. I eat them everyday (microwaved at work in dish of brown rice and broccoli.)

Gretchen said...

Nice :)

Gretchen said...

Nice :)

Linda said...

Looks good...I'll probably use the lemon ...because the tree is still providing so many....need some?


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