Here's a snack I'm eating right now.

(Isn't this the most exciting post ever??)

I wanted to eat this, but I didn't have the energy to turn on my oven, so I took a few rosemary crackers, spread some avocado on them, topped them with a bit of provolone cheese and zapped them in the microwave for 15 seconds.  

Also, I just joined Pinterest.  No seriously, don't all go running there at once, so far I've pinned one image.  
Give me some time, I'll get there.  


Sara said...

Those are the most fancied up wheat thins I've ever seen. :-)

Frank said...

Great idea, Siri!

Marilyn (my Bride) and I spotted this post yesterday and went running to the kitchen. Argh! No rosemary crackers, so we slapped avocado and provolone on the remnants of a recently baked polenta bread, nuked and gobbled it down in a few minutes. It was good, but we both thought it would be better with the rosemary crackers. I guess any excuse to eat avocado and cheese was still okay. :-)

Thank for the snack tip.

- Frank


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