Minestrone Soup


Do you say "minestrone" or "minestron-eee"?  More importantly, what do you think Giada says?  You know, because she's super Italian and all and can't say the word spaghetti without morphing into Sophia Loren.  Hmmm.  It doesn't really matter to me because I love it, with or without an Italian-American accent.  

Until last night, I had never attempted to make my own.  Naturally, I used a Giada recipe which was simple yet authentic.  Pureeing some of the Cannellini beans thickens the broth nicely, and adding the rind from Parmesan cheese gives the soup a wonderful depth of flavor.

I'll leave you with this: what on earth am I doing making hot winter soup on an 80-degree day.       

Have wonderful weekends!  I'm going to make these and buy some new sweatpants for Valentine's Day (for real).  



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