Conversation Heart Cookies


There are so many different kinds of Valentine's Days.  

There's the day where you decorate a glittery mailbox, bring it to school, and hope that everyone included candy with their letter (and secretly hope that cute boy wrote more than just his name).  There's the day where you have your first boyfriend, and you spend money you don't have on weird things like a man ring and boxer shorts from Old Navy with lips all over them.  There's the day where you're single, and you go out for dinner with all your single girlfriends and make fun of people on awkward first dates and order more than one dessert per person.  And there's the day where you and the man you love decide the most romantical thing to do would be to buy each other a new pair of sweatpants.  

What kind of day are you going to have??  

No matter what, I hope it involves treats like these.  
(I used this recipe for the cookies and this one for the icing.)  

(Like my cookie cutter?  Both Williams-Sonoma and Sur La Table were sold out, so I improvised.)

Mmm, nothing better than the buttery behind of a sugar cookie.

I like to use squirt bottles to frost cakes and cookies.

My icing was a little too thin and ran a little bit.  Oh well.  OH WELL.


agalandherdog said...

Haha, totally bought a guy a thumb ring and some boxers one year! Oh, the 90s!

Gretchen said...

I LOVE these cookies :) Post a photo of those brand new romantical sweat pants!

Georgia Pinter said...



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