Blue Cheese Dressing


When I was a kid, I loved blue cheese dressing.  And then I grew up and realized that if I wanted to look like Cindy Crawford... I couldn't eat it.  And then I grew up some more and realized that Cindy Crawford is like old now, and I still look nothing like her.  So screw it, I'm back to eating blue cheese dressing.

But wait!  This dressing is healthy!  Gwyneth Paltrow says so!  I used her recipe and adapted it slightly by using yogurt instead of sour cream (surprised you didn't think of that Gwyn, hmph) and blue cheese crumbles instead of gorgonzola.  It IS blue cheese dressing after all.  And it's wonderful.  

Blue Cheese Dressing
Slightly adapted from My Father's Daughter
(Makes 1 1/2 cups)

1/3 cup nonfat Greek yogurt
1/3 cup low fat mayo
1/2 cup crumbled blue cheese
1/3 cup cold water
1 T plus 1 tsp red wine vinegar
1 shallot, thinly sliced
Big pinch coarse salt
Black pepper

Stir everything together in a small bowl.  


iamchasingthirty said...

YUM. Must make this. With a wedge...a la Craigs, perhaps!??

Linda said...

ooh...I just made some homemade blue cheese dressing also. It must be in the air !!!! This sounds healthier than mine! Must try this!!!


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