Coconut Macaroons


Do you know how easy it is to make Coconut Macaroons?  Of course you do not, because up until yesterday I didn't either and I know what you know.  We know all of the same things.  Obviously you know how I can fold up my ear and get it stuck in my ear socket, obviously.  And I know how you secretly watch that one reality show.  See?  We know everything about each other.

Back to how we both didn't know how easy coconut macaroons were until we found THIS recipe.  Four ingredients, no time at all BUT, IMPORTANT TIP: do NOT over-fold the egg whites.  Gently incorporate them into the coconut mixture, even to the point where you still see chunks of the egg whites throughout. If you over-fold, your cookies will come out flat.  But you knew that, because I knew that.    



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