Siriously Chopped: Thanksgiving Appetizer WINNER!


A big congratulations to my finalists, and a big congratulations to us all, because really, why not?  But without further adieu, I am pleased to announce the winner of the first ever Siriously Chopped...

Kathryn, you focused on each ingredient and brought out the flavors in a creative and delicious way.  This was sweet, savory, crispy, melt-in-your-mouth - a perfect fall appetizer to impress your guests with!  (Your Williams Sonoma gift should be hitting your inbox shortly...)  

I hope you all have happy and healthy Thanksgivings!  And by "healthy" I mean, "eat until you try jumping out of your own skin" - obviously.  I will try to post a bit this weekend, and if your family is boring you terribly you can always follow my silly, stupid antics on Twitter.    

p.s. I am thankful for you.

p.p.s. Next up... Siriously Chopped: Holiday Dessert : )

p.p.p.s. No one should ever write a "p.p.p.s."


Samantha Ball said...

So I am a LOSER and didn't enter! I took the contest literally, like ONLY those 4 ingredients and I was perplexed, BUT now that I know you can get a little creative with this and that, I will try my luck next time. :) YAY for the winner. Loved the pics and creativity. Happy Turkey Day Siri! XO


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