Siriously Chopped: Thanksgiving Appetizer FINALISTS!


That was so hard.  Ugh.  YOU ARE SUCH CLEVER RECIPE CREATORS!  I think you should all start food blogs and I will read them.  So (as my son says 47 times a day), for the top 3, I wanted to include a variety of appetizers that fit my criteria: creativity, plating and overall appeal.  I have linked each finalist to their recipe.  Drum roll...    

I received a lot of fried or pan-fried corn cakes of various sorts and honestly, they all looked fabulous (Aunt Pam, Gretchen, Sara - I die).  But something about this one hooked me.  I can almost taste the crispiness just looking at this photo, and an apple cream cheese topping?  Yes.  (Catherine's blog)  

I did a double take after looking at this recipe.  I read "bread bite" and assumed this was a crostini of sorts but no, it's a bunch of wonderful fall flavors mixed together and baked in a mini muffin tin.  Creative!  The sliver of spicy jalapeno on top combined with the sweet, cider, maple syrup dipping sauce seems like such a great contrast of flavor - I'm dying to try.
p.s. If you don't have a ceramic Japanese spoon I'm sure it will still be good.  (Oh Larry...)  

This one fell into my top 3 almost instantly.  The name of the dish and the picture was almost all it took.    I was very excited to see the crispy sage/bread crumb topping, and of course ground sage throughout.  Cooked apples and onions, swimming in the buttery cider sauce, spooned over cheesy, corn ravioli - I would order that in a restaurant.    

So there you have it.  I will be making all three of these tonight and tomorrow (sucks to be me), myself and my two co-judges (Jack and Carson) will test taste until we explode, and I will announce the winner on Wednesday!  

A thousand thanks to those who participated - I am saving all of your recipes and will be making them, no matter what.  I love you romantically.  


Gretchen said...

Ahhh...all deserving finalists! I wish I could join you as a test taster :)

Style, She Wrote said...

Wow! These look sooo good. What fun, new takes on old Thanksgiving favorites. xo style, she wrote

Last Minute Accessories said...

Yayyyyyy!!! The other two look fantastic. I hope my cornballs come out ok.. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yor fam! Xo, Catherine. Www.frenchtoastandwine.com

Linda said...

Sad that I missed the cut off date......... We just got home, Maybe I'll send you my recipe creation anyways!!!
Can't wait for the next one too!!! Hint. Hint.


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