Sirious Gift Guide: For the Fellas


Hi.  I'm traveling this week, which means I'm doing a lot of eating but not a lot of cooking.  So I thought that I'd share some food/drink/kitchen-related gift ideas for the season.  I'm not going to suggest you buy someone a Lexus with a giant bow (really, America?).  These will be practical, mostly.  So let's start with the menfolk...  

because they think they're MacGyver

because what man doesn't like bacon?

because the book (and the chef) are awesome

because, let's be honest, this is sort of for you too

because he's a cocktail snob

because deep down, they are dorks like us

because he likes to tailgate, and there are no words to describe this thing

Next up, for the ladies and for the kiddos...


Belle (tinkeringinthekitchen) said...

great idea!


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