Baby Bell Peppers


Does anyone know what you're supposed to do with these things?  Other than ogle at them because they're so adorable?  (I like mini things.)  I've seen them stuffed before, but that's about it.  Because I had no other ideas, I roasted them (above), diced them up, marinated them in a splash of red wine vinegar and olive oil...  

...and threw them in couscous.  Not the most clever idea but it was tasty.  Do you do anything special with baby bell peppers?  Come on, share, I tell you really embarrassing things sometimes.  


natasha said...

i prefer the baby bells because they're so much sweeter - make a big pot of ratatouille with them!

Samantha Ball said...

These are a staple in my salads. I've also added them to taco meat. :)

Nicole said...

Ooh my family loves baby bells. We usually grill them with olive oil and them eat them with what ever meat we are grilling, or put them on basically anything. So good!


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