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SD was featured on a new blog favorite of mine, Unstitched, today.  The blogger, Lillian, has started a new column called 'Kitchen Comforts' and she chose little old ME to kick it off.  Check out the feature HERE for a little peak at my dining room.

And in unrelated news, I want to make these...


Being Ingrid said...

I want you to make those too. And then send them to me in Chicago.

Anonymous said...

Your pictures are looking great....better? Is it just me or are you doing something different?

Kevin and Erin McLaughlin said...

I made these today for a bake sale tomorrow. They are super cute, but mine didn't hold together. Sad. :( Basically the colors didn't stick together while baking. Broke into 3 cookie pieces while cooling. Any tips????

Siri said...

Oh boo Erin! I haven't tried them yet, nor have I looked at the recipe - I just saw the picture and said, YES, they must be made. Hmm... did it call for cooling the dough at some point?

And Anon - thank you! I think it's just because I'm posting them bigger, and I've started playing around with iPhoto a little too : )


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