Open-faced Turkey Burgers


Carson was gifted a BBQ Sauce of the Month Club for his birthday, and I love it.  I'm pretty much a fan of any monthly club.  Bacon, beer, butter - I would like to sample all of those if they exist.  We just got a BBQ Sauce, above, that has blown the rest of them away (buy it here).  Spicy, sweet, tangy, bold, perfectly balanced.  I knew it needed to be smothered on a burger.  And I was inspired to do something with English muffins after seeing this.  So I used this recipe, swapped ground turkey for ground chicken, placed it on one half of an English muffin, topped it with sharp cheddar cheese, broiled it until the cheese melted, and finished it off with BBQ sauce, a thick slice of tomato and some arugula.  Good stuff.      



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