Buffalo Chip Cookies


One of my mom's dearest friends, Cathy, bakes this cookie that, that, that... you see, I'm at a loss for words when it comes to this cookie. Let me try tourettes: Chocolate chips. Peanut butter chips. Coconut. Rice Krispies. Oatmeal. Butter. Sugar. Lots of it. By the way, why is "tourettes" spelled so fancy? Anyway. Whenever I'm home, my mom has these in her house. And that is because Cathy is the sweetest friend and makes them for just about any reason. To celebrate, to mourn, for fun, for crowds, for one, for no reason, for every reason. In true Cathy form, I made these cookies for two very glorious reasons (see below).

Cathy was nice enough to share the recipe with us, HERE. Now I can quit asking my mom for it once a year. By the way, Cathy, why are they called Buffalo Chips?

why, hello MOUND of cookie dough...

hello mound of dough with chocolate chips and peanut butter chips and oatmeal and coconut and Rise Krispies in it...

ready to bake...

Now I will tell you my SUPER GLORIOUS FANTASTIC REASONS TO BAKE COOKIES. Number 1: My baby sister, Georgia Peorgia, went to college! I sent her a care package to Syracuse... GO ORANGEMEN!

Number 2: One of my dearest friends in the whole wide world had her first baby girl this morning (see pink sprinkles).

What will YOUR reason be for making them?? GO!


Hipmom3 said...

Oh my....I will be trying these this weekend at my son's 9th birthday party!
thanks for sharing on the www

Georgia Pinter said...

THEY'RE SOO GOODD. i hid them under my bed.

Raela Drigger said...

I tried Buffalo Chip cookies last night, after we had dinner. My girl liked it, and why wouldn't she? We both love all kinds of cookies, after all! Have you tried it, Miette? My grandparents love it.


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