Would you eat baby food?


I would, because I just did. And I'm not talking about the super healthy homemade stuff I used to churn out. I'm talking about Gerber, in a jar, baby food. Before you call 911 on me, THIS IS NOT ABOUT A DIET. Here's the story...

On vacation we ate at a restaurant called Savannah Chop House. It was sick and wrong in a good way. Guinness Braised Short Ribs, Blue Cheese Mashed Potatoes, little shots of Lobster Bisque, etc, etc. And then dessert. Carrot cake so moist you almost felt like sleeping on a bed of it. The chef came over to our table and I asked him what sort of crack he put in the cake and HE said, "2 jars of carrot baby food." And I said, "come again??" And he said, "2 jars of carrot baby food." It is a Paula Dean recipe, and it actually calls for, yes, 2 jars of carrot baby food.

I found the recipe online, here. She named it after a real life baby, go figure.

So, would you or wouldn't you?? If you were a chef, would you have offered up that information? Don't get me wrong, I kept eating and the cake was delicious.

(Also, don't get me wrong, I wanted to throw up a teeny tiny bit at the same time.)


You're Lucky I Don't Have a Gun... said...

This actually make me really want to try it out. I'm sure the beat-to-a-pulp consistency of the baby food really makes the cake airy and fluffy.

Thanks for the recipe!

Pomeline said...

I was eating baby food this summer after having my wisdom teeth removed. Never again. When I have kids, I will be making their baby food, the stuff in jars is AWFUL.

Juliet {the juliet notes} said...

Totally, sounds so good I'm thinking about making this cake today.


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