Grilled Cheddar and Corn Jalapeno Poppers


I buy Carson grill toys in the same way I buy myself sprinkles - somewhat impulsively and unnecessarily. I do a good job convincing myself we need whatever it is though. Jalapeno Pepper Roaster for the grill? Oh, how will we survive the summer without it?! (That was over a year ago... we just used it this past weekend.)

Unnecessary? Maybe. Fun and delicious? Most definitely. We tried out a recipe from the WS site and it was almost perfect. We thought the cheddar cheese got too watery and the poppers might have benefited from something like this. We also added some hot sauce to our stuffing because we thought it was missing an extra kick. Otherwise, really good and healthier than the fried version. I think.


agalandherdog said...

We have one of those racks from Sur la Table. I'll have to check out that recipe because those look amazing!


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