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As I have mentioned, we were in Minnesota over the weekend. We did many things, but mostly we ate. See...

red, white and blue potato salad

wild rice salad (soooooo good, recipe to come!)

coriander lime grilled chicken legs

bourbon baby back ribs (with our very own herb basting brush!)

shish kabobs, a DeBoer family favorite

cocktails, another DeBoer family favorite

my sister and I pretending to oversee the grill...


Making Peace With Potato Chips said...

Looks divine and not at all Minnesota like.........:)

Heidi O. said...

love the herb brush! Just wondering if you chose a winner for the icings? :)

Viva Italia said...

Where is the Minnesota hot dish?

Siri said...

Heidi - I did, scroll down : )

Heidi O. said...

ahh I see it now. Sorry about that!


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