To Dine In or Out??


Which do you prefer to do on Hallmark's Birthday, I mean, Valentine's Day?

I like to stay home. Can't handle the crowded restaurants and the prix fixe menus. Although it IS fun to watch people on awkward first dates. If you choose to make a meal at home, I'm all about the finger food. You know, to bring forth the sensual gesture of placing your fingers by your mouth. (I'm laughing out loud right now...)

So our menu tonight: Caviar on Toast, Mussels in White Wine & Garlic, and Chocolate Dipped Strawberries. It's going to be romantical.

(For another great Mussels recipe, click here.)


Gretchen said...

Yum. I want those mussels! Have a romantic dinner, and drink a delicious bottle of wine :)

Hannah said...

You're cheesy. But now I'm copying you and making linguine and clams.


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