Hoisin Green Beans & Almonds


How were your long weekends? Did you eat good food and eat good food? That's good. That's all that's important, after all. I had s'mores and bloody mary's with salami and shrimp. Among other foods. Last night Carson grilled yummy pork and I made a green bean side dish. I love hoisin sauce and finding new uses for it. I think it pairs deliciously with green beans. Won't you try?

Chop up some garlic and shallots...

Bring water to a boil and drop in green beans, but only for a minute or two...

Throw boiled green beans into a pan with a little oil and your chopped garlics and shallots...

Add a couple tablespoons of hoisin sauce and chopped almonds, turn up heat until sauce thickens...

Don't you love it when I'm too lazy to write a recipe?



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