Dirty Thirty Giveaway Winner!


So far, I am thoroughly enjoying my thirties. Thank all of you for your sweet birthday comments, you made my bloggity day.

So, without further blah blah blah, random.org has selected the number 31!!! The age I will turn one year from today!!


Kelsey, please contact me here: siri (at) siriouslydelicious (dot) com.

Oh, and if you feel like crying, or at least checking out reason number 4 that I've cried today (the other 3 being son's first haircut, roses the size of a tree from Carson and a video made by my brother, sister and mom), check out my best friend Katy's fabulously creative birthday message.

I am blessed.


Ashleigh said...

Happy Belated Birthday!! I cant believe I missed it! I'm so behind in blog world. What an awful blfriend. Anyway, I hope you had a wonderful day.

Valerie said...

I saw her birthday message and it was SO sweet and fun. So glad you're enjoying your 30s so far!


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