This looks delicious...

When I was pregnant I had mad cravings for grapefruit. And cookies the size of my head. Throw some of your cravings out there...

(No, I am not with child right now.)


Katy Stuhr said...

I crave Olives constantly. I buy big bottles of them at Costco and also raid the Olive bar at Whole Foods for my snack on the ride home.

Virginia said...

When I was pregnant w #1, it was citrus. Clementines, strawberries, fruit popsicles with real fruit. #2 had fewer cravings as I had gestational diabetes, but I did try to keep my sugar low enough to have my daily ice cream.
In non-pregnant states, I crave really great pizza crust, sweet red curries, and anything with olive oil drizzled on it (like vanilla ice cream and then sprinkle it with salt).

Ashley said...

I am currently 26 weeks preggo and cannot get enough citrus! Grapefruit, oranges, orange juice, popsicles, etc. YUM. That photo has pushed me over the edge - I am heading into the kitchen to get one right now!

Happenstance said...

With my daughter Penelope my craving was chocolate milk 24/7. It could only be made with the Moo chocolate syrup from Trader Joe's. And with my son Kostas it was, are you ready for this ... Taco Bell tacos! Did I ever eat them beforehand? No. Did I want them after birthing him? Never again. So weird, right?!

Oh and there was a point with Penelope where I had terrible morning sickness and couldn't keep anything down except for carrot cake.

Linda said...

I love mexican food and hot sauce and had no side effects from eating it when pregnant, hot cravings....my dad always said the kids were gonna pop out and say "Hola"

Christine said...

I currently AM with child, and have so many!! In no specific order:

- Bagels with cream cheese
- Refried beans
- Fruit punch vitamin water
- Poached eggs (I've eaten a few - guilty)
- Red grapes
- Clementines
- Lemony salad dressing
- Pasta
- Chocolate chips
- Breakfast sandwiches from Dunkin Donuts
- Spicy Pho
- Olive Garden Soup & Salad & Breadsticks

Although....I always sort of wonder if I use pregnancy as a way to justify my secret everyday cravings for bad food that I'm usually able to successfully repress. Am I just hungrier, and more willing to entertain the possiblity of eating whatever I want? I mean, it's just my pregnant self that wants to go to Olive Garden every night.....not my REAL self, right???


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