The 3 Things I Did Wrong Today


What do you mean, were there only 3, how dare you???

I was inspired to roast a chicken with the four ingredients above. I was inspired to make the skin crispy and the meat tender like Carson's mom does. She recently told me her secret is to COVER it from the start with foil, only uncovering it for the last 15-30 minutes.

So I did.

But the skin just didn't crisp enough. In fact, it even had random spots of baldness. What the...

1. Here's where I lost my cool (see psycho apron cocktail pose below). I said, why can't I cook it like your mother. I'M A F*CKING MOTHER!!!

2. After I regained my cool (finished my cocktail) I came across a piece of crispy skin. Somewhere, angels were singing. To celebrate, I decided to make a taco. Crispy chicken skin as the shell, juicy chicken on the inside (with rice), and fatty chicken jus drizzled on top. Somewhere, vegans were crying. Oh my god gross. Oh my god incredible.

3. Oh, and the 3rd thing I did wrong was... this. Writing this blog post. Tomorrow is a new day!


Miss Meat and Potatoes said...

I say you did 3 things RIGHT - having a delicious cocktail, inventing the culinary new phenom of 'chicken skin tacos', and writing this post. In fact, it's one of my favorite posts of the week!!

Gretchen said...

Love your apron :)

Virginia said...

If cocktails and chicken skin tacos are wrong, I don't want to be right. This all seems perfectly reasonable to me.

Negativeangel said...

Greatest cooking outfit ever!

Jenna said...

Is this Ina's perfect roast chicken? Or Carson's mom recipe? I just did Ina's last night and it turned out pretty good. However I for some reason did not have a cocktail..fail. And forgot the apron so my shirt was all dirty..double fail.


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