Rub Away?


My hands perpetually smell like garlic and onions. It doesn't really bother me until nighttime, because I like to sleep with my hands all curled up under my face. And suddenly I'm all, gross, I smell like a cutting board. But at least I'll scare away the vampires.

Anyway. Yesterday I was shopping and I found this Rub Away Bar. It's stainless steel, and according to the product "simple chemistry eliminates odors" as you rub it over your hands. I thought, gimmick? Who cares. I have $7.50 burning a hole in my pocket for a gimmick, right?

But, guess what?? I used it last night after chopping onions and it actually worked! The real test will be tonight after garlic. I'll report back. (You care.)


agalandherdog said...

We have the same bar. I bought it for Sean because he ALWAYS smells like garlic, but it's in a drawer and has never been used. I might pull it out to keep on the sink now, though.

You're Lucky I Don't Have a Gun... said...

I HAVE THIS TOO! but i've never tried it. :(


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