Baked Mahi Mahi Lettuce Wraps


I came home from the market the other day with a mystery red pepper. Unless my hand spasmed and knocked it into my cart while my brain was taking a break, that pepper was not mine. Naturally, I began to imagine the person who this vegetable was intended for. A man, I thought, and one unfamiliar with the little divider bar things in the checkout lane. He was probably sent to the market by his wife with a list she wrote in cursive. He couldn't read half of it, so he came home with all the wrong things and was red pepper-less which meant his football watching privileges were taken away. Ugh, I feel so sad for my imaginary friend.

Therefore, I wanted to put the red pepper to good use in honor of this meek, little man. This is when I remembered a recipe I came up with that earned me bragging rights, Miso Cod in Red Leaf Lettuce. I tweaked it slightly last night by baking Mahi Mahi instead of cod - 450 degrees, 14 minutes.

Oh and the red pepper was sprinkled on top for crunch. I hope you're pleased, Imaginary Dude.



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