Jenga BLT


Two things.

Number one, this is a fun game.

And the second thing, it is okay to have a BLT plus a Fried Egg for dinner sometimes.

My BLT plus a Fried Egg tips:

...cook your bacon low and slow, sprinkle your bread with olive oil and broil it in the oven, season tomato and egg with salt and pepper, use lots of mayo, fry egg over easy so the yolk runs when you cut your sandwich...

Except for I messed up on my egg over easy and the yolk was hard. Any tips, my friends and egg lovers?


iamchasingthirty said...

YUM...mee lovee bacon.

Once I flip my egg, I really just leave long enough on the opposite side to sear it. Sometimes my fried eggs get SO mangled looking, however. Any tips on your flipping skills??

Siri said...

Yeah I guess the timing is the thing! I actually didn't flip it, I just covered the pan until the whites looked cooked enough but ended up over cooking the yolk! I wish I could flip like a pro : )

Gretchen said...

Get a very wide spatula and you'll flip like a pro :)

iamchasingthirty said...

Maybe a non-tilted stove would work too! Ours dips a bit toward the wall so everything sinks to one side of the pan. AnNOYing.

Oy oy oyyyy the woes of a day in the kitchen:)

Virginia said...

I would eat my own hand if it had a runny egg on it. I am having this for lunch (or maybe dinner) tomorrow. Off to the farmer's market for yummy juicy tomatoes (Tomorrow, not now at 10pm - the farmers are sleeping. shhhhhhhhhh....)


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