Food Trucks


Up until last week, I was a food truck virgin. Now I have experienced not one but two delicious trucks... Taco Dawg and The Bakery Truck (links are to their Twitter pages so you can FIND them). Above are pictures of some items they both feature. Beachcomber Tacos with mandarin oranges and chipotle cream, Hot Dogs with an absurd amount of yumminess on top, and Cinnamon Rolls. I ate all 3 items at 8 in the morning and that is no joke people.

Both trucks will be part of the OC Foodie Fest, so if you're in the area and you want more information, go to here.


Dana said...

The next time you're craving some fog and tacos...Kung Fu Taco truck in SF is pretty tasty!

Paula said...

here is so many inspirations!

have a nice time!


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