Veggie Pancakes


Yesterday, I tried to make a veggie pancake for my son. It was suggested by a family friend who makes them for her 18-month-old regularly. Great idea, I thought! I tried out a Paula Deen recipe, and replaced the onions with parsnips. I tried, and I sort of failed. See Paula's?

See mine?

I think the problem was too many vegetables. Also they were grated in very long strips. Too long. Slip-down-my-son's-throat-and-cause-him-to-choke long. (That didn't actually happen, but it did in my imagination.) He still ate it so not a total disaster?!


Gretchen said...

Worth trying again. More pancake, less vegetables, cut into smaller bites. Try again and take another picture :)

Hannah said...

I saw the first picture before I saw there was a second picture and I was so proud! Then I saw the second picture. Sorry sister.

Jennifer Hock said...

That was hilarious :) But hey, if he ate 'em, more power to you!


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