The Dairy State


Hello Food Lovin' Friends. Well, I am back. It took an extra plane and an extra day to get back (big sigh), but I am back. Haley's wedding in the north woods of Wisconsin was more than fabulous. Log cabins, cozy fires, deer, sun hats, music, best friends and FOOD. This picture pretty much sums up how much I love me my Midwest food...

Curds. Do you see the joy in my eyes?? Fried Cheese Curds!!! And walleye and s'mores and brats... CHEESE. I miss you already, Wisconsin.

(But take that joy in my eyes and multiply it by infinity and that's how I felt when I saw my son after 4 long days of being away.)


Valerie said...

Sounds like a great trip! I've never had cheese curds, but I love all cheese, so I'm sure I'd love them too.


mangiabella said...

oh the thought of all that cheese - i'm nursing my 15 week old son and he just isn't digesting cheese well, so that means I am forced to stay away from the cheese - this could be the definition of cruel and unusual punishment, ugh! I am so miserable - and yet, anything for my lil bambino....still having cheese hallucinations now and then....i am beside myself!

Virginia said...

OOoooo.. now I'm all excited for The Fair.

Is it true you (and Katy?) are a native Minnesotan(!)? If so, you know what Fair. Only 75 days to go!

agalandherdog said...

Haha, I've never had fried cheese curds, but my sister lived in St. Louis for a while and said they ate them all the time (and she said she can attribute about 10lbs. of weight gain to those alone).

Being Ingrid said...


Jenn said...

OMG.. I LOVE cheese curds! I'm not from Wisconsin, but I have a good friend that is and every time she goes back, she always brings me curds. Granted, they aren't as good as when you get them fresh, but still.. I'll take what I can get! mmmmmmmmmmmmm...great, now i want curds!!!!


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