Bloody Hell


Hi Friends. Me again. At airport number two, waiting to hop on a teeny, tiny plane that will take me to airport number three. Just ordered a Bloody to kill some time...

But I think it might end up killing me instead. It is the most disgusting Bloody Mary I've ever had. It tastes like sour pizza sauce. NO! I really wanted to enjoy this drink! Shame on you Minneapolis Airport, airport of my hometown, SHAME!

That is all for now.


Mark said...

Never mix - never worry!

Dancing Branflake said...

Sour pizza? Gross. Not an alchy drinker but I do know it's pretty hard to screw up a drink so basic.

Terresa said...

I think air travel should include Slurpees. That would rock.

Virginia said...

Oh, no! On your way back, eat at Ike's if you're in the big terminal. Great food (get the french fries!!), really great bar. If you're in the little terminal, you'll just have to be satisfied with the fact that you're in a super easy terminal that takes no time to get in and out of.

Safe travels!

Deanna Fuller said...

Hey Lady! Jon and I want to start making our own Bloody Mary Mix. Do you have any suggestions?


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