Ok, we have someone coming over to fix the Internet. Hurray! I know you were all wondering. In the meantime, here's a picture of the Drumstick I ate last night...

That's right. The actual chicken drumsticks I made turned out bloody and disgusting. Don't buy chicken drumsticks from Trader Joe's, I guess. But no matter, the above drumstick is much tastier. I'll eat dessert for dinner any day of the week. Except for Tuesdays, because I like tacos.


bjordan said...

What if you had a choco taco on Tuesday?

Hannah said...

Chaco Tacos! Go Birdshit! I feel excited by this picture, I think I need to go buy some drumsticks. Is that really what they're called? It's weird to me.

Kelly and Sara said...

I love these!


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