Blood Orange Cocktail


We had breakfast for dinner again last night. BRINNER (that was for you, Tonya). Paired with a DELICIOUS cocktail.

Blood Orange Soda and Vodka. You can purchase this bubbly delight at either Whole Foods or Trader Joe's. Highly refreshing. Highly enjoyable. Highly necessary on a Monday. Wait. Yesterday was Tuesday. Necessary on a Tuesday then.


Andrea said...

The color is awesome on this drink! I bet it tastes fab.

Why don't we have a TJ out here in Colorado? Its just not fair. I see all these blogs using fab products from TJ, and I've got bupkis here. BOO. Ok pity party over LOL

iamchasingthirty said...

YUM! Haven't tried their sodas.... Ari has made us cocktails with real blood oranges, which I think are still in season right now. They are beautiful and remind me of Dexter!

Siri said...

Andrea - it is unacceptable that you don't have TJ's. I will sign a petition.

Katy - I would like for Ari to make me one of those. Thanks.

Ann Minard said...

I gotta try this, when I visited my family in Italy, I say that so casually don't I, I had blood orange juice every morning!

Hannah said...

I miss this cocktail. I miss it. Missssss it.


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