Neiman Marcus Cookie


Ok I made cookies. Yes I know that was fast, but my son is napping and I get things done at an absurdly fast pace when he's asleep.

A long time ago, someone told me about the Neiman Marcus Cookie. Had I tried it? Had I heard of the myth? I hadn't, but if you approach me with the question, "have you tried this cookie" I will assume it's nothing short of delicious and answer "no, where, what, when, I want, gimme." I'm rude.

I tried it soon after and I assumed correctly, it is nothing short of delicious. I usually prefer a soft, chewy cookies and this one is slightly crispy. But there is a time and a place for a crispy cookie, and some of you probably prefer them! These are cooked longer at a lower temperature than I'm used to. A hint of espresso might be what makes them stand out. Today I used milk chocolate chips and added oatmeal. I like to make them on the bigger side, so I feel like I'm at a deli eating a cookie the size of my head.

They're really tasty, you should try. Recipe and myth HERE, oooooo...


shea Bates said...

HI! I found your blog on the Foodie Blogroll. I have heard of this cookie before, too. I think I may try it now. I am a very new baker and just discovered that I should be letting my eggs come to room temp. before baking with them! How did I never know this?!?! So, my cookie have always had a little crunch to them:)

I love your other blog, too. Very cute:)


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