R is for Radish


I felt the need to elaborate on something my mom mentioned in her guest blog. The RADISH SANDWICH.

Sounds very strange, doesn't it? I never thought anyone actually ate radishes, except for maybe people living on the prairie. Or elves, elves probably eat radishes. Anyway, as my mom mentioned, she ate the vegetable on bread as a child... in Iowa, that's sort of a prairie, right? Just a few years ago she introduced the sandwich to me and let me tell you, it is delightful!

Radish Sandwich

Radishes, sliced
White bread

It's very important that you use white bread, like the kind people refuse to eat anymore. I thought I'd be healthy and try wheat bread and it doesn't cut it. Butter your white bread, place sliced radishes all over and sprinkle salt to taste. In the picture below my mom peppered her sandwich, but that's not my style.

Thank you mom, prairie people, and elves for such a yummy thing!

(Picture courtesy of my mom)


LuRuSo said...

I love radishes. As a kid, I thought they gave me super powers. I'm definitely going to try them in sandwich form! Your blog makes me so hungry!

Christa said...

My dad always ate these! (But we're from Nebraska, which is right next to Iowa, so no surprise, right?!) As a kid, I thought it was weird...until I tried it! The soft bread, creamy butter, crisp radish and salty tang will make your tastebuds scream for more! I laughed when I saw a "recipe" for these, but I'm actually grateful that you are sharing our "Midwest secret" with the hungry masses! I think I need to buy radishes tomorrow....


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