ooh la le creuset!


I can't remember how I cooked before I owned a Le Creuset dutch oven. Did I brown meat? Did I scrub pots and pans for hours? Did I ever make the transition from stovetop to oven? I must have managed, I did cook after all. But, now that I do have one, let's say someone tried to take it away, and let's say I did something drastic to stop them, like, I don't know, murder... would you blame me??

I don't mean to sound spoiled. Le Creuset is not exactly cheap. However. WORTH EVERY PENNY. If you do not have one, invest. You will not regret it. It will become part of your family, and you will adore that pot with all of your heart and some of your soul. So much so that if, say, someone in your house tries using a metal spatula to scrape up the brown bits at the bottom, you might get very angry and throw a temper tantrum like a bratty child. Try not to get that attached.


Chantal Petit-Pied said...

leave it to the frogs to make this shit. it's on my "things-I'll-get-when-I-get-a-god-damn-raise" list.

Gigi said...

How about the Martha Stewart version? Is it as good?

Siri said...

I am afraid I do not know much about the Martha Stewart version!


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